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MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball vs. Hawkins (Senior Day)

Posted: April 20, 2009

Another tough afternoon for the Mustangs. Hanwkins took advantage of some key mistakes and miscues to build a lead that was too far out of reach. Bad part was this was Senior Day, and that's not the way you want your last home game to go. THis put the distict placements for playoffs in disarray since 3 teams could end up with the same record, and we would end up on the lower end of the seeding requiring us to play the bi-district game to get into the brackets.



MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball @ Big Sandy

Posted: April 17, 2009

This game was one to forget. It was a cold overcast afternoon with a brisk wind that was biting. The game started ok, with Loren making it all the to score with a diving slide into home. After returning to the bench, she found that she had torn her fake nails along with her regular nails causing some severe bleeding and pain. Things seemed to go down hill from there. The umpire's calls were inconsistent, the hitting lacked, and our picthing was battered around pretty good. In the end, they lost, I don't remember the score it left such a bad taste.



MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball vs. Union Hill

Posted: April 9, 2009

This game was not really close, with the Union Hill team starting an inexperienced pitcher due to a line drive injury to their regular picture two nights earlier. The scheduled umpires cancelled early in the day so Tarrant was scrambling to get replacements to the game. Ended up that Mr. Stone served as home plate ump for 5 innings and the Union Hill coach was the outfield umpire. About the 6th inning, the regular umps arrived (their car broke down on the way). The end result was a 9-4 win I believe (not sure of the final score).



MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball vs. Big Sandy

Posted: March, 27, 2009

I was unable to attend this game so Melody captured team pictures which were used as part of the Senior Day collages for the graduating girls. For the game, the girls squeeked out a win 4-3.



MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball @ Fruitvale

Posted: March, 24, 2009
This was a tough game - Fruitvale went with there better pitcher this night and she threw some good balls combined with some timely fielding. In the end, it resulted in a Mustang loss, first of the season in district play.

MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball @ Athens Tournament Day 2

Posted: March 21, 2009
On Saturday, bracket play stated with the Mustangs facing off against Thorndale. The game was close, but the Mustangs lost when time ran out. This put them into the loosers side of the bracket. THe next two games were against Cayuga, and Crandell where the offense and defense showed some improvement. Timely hitting resulted in some really good scoring chances for the team which should help going into the heart of district play which starts next week. In the end, the Mustangs were awarded with the consolation trophy as the 5th place team in the tournament.

MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball @ Athens Tournament Day 1

Posted: March 19, 2009
On Thursday, The girls traveled to Athens to play in the Athens HS Softball Tournament at Cain park, home of the TVCC Cardinals. The first day was a round robin pool play setup where games were restricted to 60 mins each, with a drop dead format after an hour of play. Who ever is ahead when time is called wins. They played 3 games against the other teams in their pool winning 2 out of three. They played against Jacksonville, Hunnington, and Caddo Mills, loosing to Hunningtion (last year's State 1a champion). These games set up the draws for the Finals bracket on Saturday.

MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball vs. Juaquin (Tyler Tournament)

Posted: March 14, 2009
On Saturday, the girls were given the opportunity to play as a substitute for a team that had to drop out of the nearby Tyler Softball Tournament. The Mustangs were matched up against Juaquin. The game was a close match, with some timely pitching and fielding by each team. After 3 innings, it was tied 3-3. As the game wore on, fielding mis-ques and the lack of some timely hitting again allowed Juaquin to jump out to a 6-3 lead which was enough to give them the win. At least one bright spot in this game was the offense did show some life, now if the fielding can sharpen up, things should get back on track.

MMHS 2009 - Girls Varsity Softball vs. Sunnyvale

Posted: March 9, 2009

Friday was the second softball game of the season, with some of the girls returning from basketball to join the team. There's also several new team members that I don't recall from last season. This matchup against Sunnyvale was rather one sided, with the Mustang pitching in a somehwat undecided state. Kaci has experienced back problems so Sara and Loren Webster stepped in to pitch in her absence. They both did an admiral job keeping the ball in play and not walking too many runners. But Sunnvale's bats were the more timely this day, squeezing several balls through the infield and some fielding errors contributed to several un-earned runs. The Mustang offense was unable to push a run across the plate and ended up loosing by a final score of 16-0. Obviously, the girls have some rust to shake off.



MMHS 2009 - Girls State Semi-Finals vs. Roscoe in Austin

Posted: March 5, 2009

Last Thursday, the Girls faced off against the Roscoe "Plowgirls" in the UIL Texas State Tournament in Austin. This was the Lady Mustangs fourth consecutive appearance in the tournament, with the opportunity with a win to play for the state title two years in a row. The first half got off to a good start with Cara hitting several of her first shots, the girls got some quality rebounds and the Mustangs took an early lead. Then the teams started trading baskets and the momentum started bouncing back and forth. As the half came to a close, Roscoe hit a key 3 pointer which put them within two going into the break. When the third quarter resumed, again the teams traded baskets with neither team establishing any dominence. As the game progressed, the Mustangs shooting started to waver and several key shots and free throws were missed, allowing Roscoe to take a six point lead late into the fourth quarter. The girls tried to seize the moment by stealing the ball and playing some tough defense, but again, the shots would just not fall and the end result was a gut wrenching 37-31 defeat, ending the Lady Mustang's trek for back to back championships. Throughout the season, the girls played with a great deal of heart and determination, and this game was no exception. Congratulations on a great season girls!



MMHS 2009 - Girls Regional Finals vs. Jim Bowie @ SFA

Posted: February 28, 2009

On Saturday, the girls were matched up against James Bowie, a tall and bulky team that took Lovelady down on Friday. The game looked to be a size mismatch, but from the very beginning, the running style of MM made the difference. Martins Mill took control from the beginning and although the score remained close throughout the game, the Mustangs continually pressed the issue with the Lady Pirates. MM was more accurate, and the girls were pretty aggressive in rebounding which helped a great deal. James Bowie was not hitting their shots, which also helped. The Mustangs largest lead was 8, and the 4th quarter was a nail biter with the lead shrinking and growing between 2 and 6 points throughout. In the end, the Mustangs walked away with a hard fought 4 point win 36-32 to advance to the state tournament in Austin for the 4th consectutive year in a row.



MMHS 2009 - Girls Regional Qtr-Finals vs. La Poyner @ SFA

Posted: February 27, 2009

Last Friday, the girls played La Poyner for in the Distric 3 Regional Quarter Finals game. This year Martins Mill and La Poyner were in separate districts so they didn't play during the regular season. Martins Mill's old basketball coach had moved to La Poyner this year (coach McBride)so there was an added level of intensity added. Many of these girls came up through the basketball ranks under McBride at Martins Mill. The game was close in the first half, with the Mustangs unable to separate themselves by any more than 6-8 points. The Mustangs lead by only 2 at half time. La Poyner seemed to be bothered by the run and gun offense, and tired rather quickly in the second half. By the end of the 3rd period, MM started pulling away and La Poyner got in foul trouble. Final result ended in a double-digit Mustang win, bringing an end to La Poyner's season.



MMHS 2009 - Basketball Team Senior Night

Posted: February 20, 2009

Last Friday night was Senior Recognition Night at the MMHS Gym. This is where they march out all the graduating seniors and their parents before the final home game to say thank you. All was going well until it was our turn. Of course, Kalyn had to be different giving the signed ball to Melody, and giving me the flowers. Sheesh. Talk about lack of respect. It was a fun night, getting to remember all the times we've (the parents) spent together over the last 6-8 years traveling to events and watching the kids grow up. Its amazing how far they have all come and all the things they have accomplished over the years. This core group of kids have fueled a tremendous list of achievements both in sports and academics during their time at Martins Mill, its been quite a ride to watch and marvel at. Many good memories to take away...



MMHS 2009 Boys Varsity - Fantasy of Lights Tourney

Posted: November 29, 2008

Over the Thanksgiving break the Varsity basketball team traveled to Wichita Falls, TX to play in the Fantasy of Lights Tournament. Just like the girls, the boys had a rough weekend as well with the level of competition. They lost their first game, won the second game, but lost the third game. Very competitive games, but each time we came up short.



MMHS 2009 Girls Varsity - Fantasy of Lights Tourney

Posted: November 29, 2008
Over the Thanksgiving break the Varsity basketball team traveled to Wichita Falls, TX to play in the Fantasy of Lights Tournament. I heard this is the largest high school tournament in the country. Game sites are spread out over the entire city and depending on wether you win or loose, determines where your next game location is. The girls won their first game, but were beaten in the second game played which put them in the consolation bracket. The next day they lost that game as well. These were mostly 3a and 4a schools so the level of competition was considerable.

MMHS 2009 Girls Varsity B-Ball vs. Crandell

Posted: October 22, 2008

The basketball season has started and the Mustangs are attempting to repeat their state championship run without Jordan, Taylor, or Christa. Crandell was a tough opponent and the game was close throughout, but in the fourth quarter Crandell started pulling away and took control of the game resulting in a Mustang loss.